The Lotta Svärd Foundation


The roots of the Lotta Svärd Foundation are in the former Lotta Svärd Organization,
with its approximately 240,000 members.
Women involved in tireless national defence work and the Lotta Svärd Organization
have played an important role in the historical processes through
which Finland gained independence and maintained it.
The values and ideals of the organization are part of the underlying concept of the
present-day Lotta Svärd Foundation.

In accordance with its by-laws, the purpose of the Foundation is to follow the Lotta Svärd spirit to:

– Maintain and assist individuals suffering as the result of war or other crises,
or organizations providing aid for such persons.
– Assist the training of women for activities in situations of crisis, and
– Cherish the traditions of the Lotta Svärd Organization and to maintain
related museum and exhibition activities.

Rehabilitation improves the quality of life and provides more active years.

The Lotta Svärd Foundation is also a significant provides of apartments to let
The Lotta Svärd Foundation’s apartments available for rent are in Helsinki, Espoo and Tuusula.
Revenue from rent permits the Foundation to carry on its main task,
the rehabilitation of former Lotta Svärd members, without interruption.


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