Applying for allowances


A former lotta whose annual income is less than EUR 23,000 may apply for an allowance from the Lotta Svärd Foundation for her personal healthcare costs.
The Foundation does not grant any allowances to cover funeral costs, however.

Please send the following information to the foundation:

The Lotta Svärd Foundation application form, including the following information:

  • Your tasks as a lotta or girl lotta as well as where and how long you served as a lotta.
  • Intended use of the allowance (such as buying glasses, going to the dentist’s, getting dentures, paying for medication/medical appliances, etc.).
  • Account of financial status.
  • Please note that the allowance does not cover home renovation costs, electricity, water or other utilities, rental fees, cleaning, nursing home expenses, home care services, travel expenses or the fees of aides.

Please enclose a copy of your tax certificate when applying for the first time.

Decisions about rehabilitation and allowances are made by the Foundation’s working committee.

Please fill out all fields of the application and enclose the requested appendices so that we will be able to process the application.


For additional information, please contact Service manager Heli Niemelä (09) 4770 2881 /Monday–Thursday 9–11.30 am e-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Send your rehabilitation/allowance application to:

Lotta Svärd Foundation
Mannerheimintie 93
FI-00270 Helsinki, Finland


A link to the form.