Applying for Lotta rehabilitation


Former lottas who were members of the Lotta Svärd Association and women who participated in Lotta Svärd’s work as children (girl lottas) have the opportunity to apply for rehabilitation paid by the Lotta Svärd Foundation. Depending on the case at hand, the rehabilitation may be institutional care, or outpatient rehabilitation at a rehabilitation centre or at your home by a trained person.

To apply for the rehabilitation, please fill out the Lotta Svärd Foundation application form. With this form, you will offer more information about your time as a lotta (your local branch or town, the period of time you were a lotta/girl lotta, and your tasks while being a lotta/girl lotta). If you need more information about your time as a lotta, please contact the National Archives Service or the Ministry of Defence. If you do not provide all the required information, the processing of your application will take longer.

If you receive rehabilitation at a rehabilitation centre, the Lotta Svärd Foundation will pay for your round trips to the rehabilitation centre based on the most affordable mode of transport available. If you will need a taxi or a similar mode of transport to get to the rehabilitation centre or back home, you must agree on using a taxi in advance with the Foundation’s rehabilitation planner.

Please enclose the following appendices with your application:

1. A copy of a medical certificate or a similar report of your current health that shows your physical and mental capacity. Please note that the medical certificate will not be returned to you.
2. Any other appendices concerning your time as a lotta (such as photocopies of photos/lotta course diplomas/your membership card of the Lotta Svärd Association). The application may also be processed based on your own recollections.
3. A report of any other rehabilitation you have received.

Please fill out all the fields of the application and enclose the requested appendices so that we will be able to process the application.

For additional information, please contact our rehabilitation planners:

Vanamo Määttä, tel. +358 (0)9 4770 2886 /mon-thu  9-11.30
Phone exchange/information, tel. +358 (0)9 4770 2881 / mon-thu 9-11.30
E-mail: our e-mail addresses are of the format forename.surname(at)

Send your rehabilitation/allowance application to:

Lotta Svärd Foundation
Mannerheimintie 93
FI-00270 Helsinki, Finland


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