The Foundation today

The Lotta Svärd Foundation has been established on the foundation laid by the Lotta Svärd Association, which has around 240,000 members. Both women and the Lotta Svärd Association made a huge contribution in achieving and protecting Finnish independence. The values and ideals of the Lotta Svärd Association are still part of the Foundation’s operating idea.

According to its rules, the Lotta Svärd Foundation carries on in the spirit of Lotta Svärd to achieve the following:
Care for and assist people who have suffered due to a war or any other crisis, or organisations that assist such people.
Support crisis training for women.
Cherish the lotta traditions and maintain its museum and exhibitions.

Healthier, more active years and better quality of life through rehabilitation

 At present, the Association assists the former lottas, who offered their valuable input during the war to protect Finland, and provides them with rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation is provided either as outpatient or institutional rehabilitation. 1,000 to 1,500 lottas annually participate in rehabilitation in Finnish institutes. Lottas who are not able or do not wish to participate in institutional rehabilitation are offered outpatient rehabilitation at a rehabilitation centre or at home. Low-income lottas are being helped with their hospital bills and the cost of devices which can aid lottas around the home. The Foundation annually gives out grants to organisations of veterans and disabled veterans. Click here to read more about the rehabilitation and grant services.


Substantial apartment rental operator

The Foundation’s rental homes are located in Helsinki, Espoo and Tuusula. Contributions from apartment rental have been vital for our main mission: providing rehabilitation and aid for lottas. Click here to fill out an electronic apartment application.