The Lottas and Junior Lottas that were members of the Lotta Svärd Organization may apply for rehabilitation offered by the Lotta Svärd Foundation. The rehabilitation is discretionary and can take place in a physiotherapy institution as inpatient or outpatient treatment, or at the home of the Lotta by a trained physiotherapist.

To apply for rehabilitation, please complete the Lotta Svärd Foundation application form and provide details of the Lotta activities (local Lotta section or location, time, Lotta or Junior Lotta duties). You can contact the National Archives of Finland for Lotta details. Insufficient information will delay the processing of the application.

In the case of inpatient rehabilitation, the Lotta Svärd Foundation will pay the travelling costs to the institution and back home using the cheapest method of transport. If a taxi or other such service is required for travelling to the rehabilitation institution or back home, this must be agreed in advance with the rehabilitation coordinator at the foundation. Kela’s direct refunds system does not apply to these journeys.

Attachments required for the application:

  1. A copy of a medical statement or other medical report indicating the applicant’s physical and mental capacity. We will not return the medical statement.
  2. Other attachments related to the Lotta activities (copies of photos, Lotta certificates or membership cards). We can also process an application based on the applicant’s personal story.
  3. Details of any other rehabilitation received by the applicant.

We ask you to complete all sections of the application form and submit the required attachments so that we can process your application.

Information +358 9 4770 2881 / Mon-Fri 9.00-16.00 or +358 9 4770 2886

Send applications for rehabilitation and financial assistance to:

Lotta Svärd Säätiö

Mannerheimintie 93

00270 Helsinki