Lotta Svärd Foundation rehabilitation services for Lottas and Junior Lottas

Women, Lottas and Junior Lottas that served in the disbanded Lotta Organization may apply for rehabilitation offered by the Lotta Svärd Foundation. Lotta Svärd Foundation acts in the third sector. Services provided by the Foundation for Lottas and Junior Lottas will not replace the statutory municipal services for the elderly, rather, they complement these services. Support offered by other bodies are not an obstacle for receiving rehabilitation through the Lotta Svärd Foundation, and vice versa. Lottas may be offered rehabilitation once a year, while Junior Lottas may be offered rehabilitation every other calendar year.

The Lotta Svärd Foundation selection of services includes rehabilitation services for different needs. Applicants can express their wishes regarding the type of rehabilitation and the location of rehabilitation organised outside their home. The rehabilitation committee of the Lotta Svärd Foundation will make the final decision on the type and location of the rehabilitation, with the primary aim of finding the best rehabilitation for each Lotta and Junior Lotta approved for rehabilitation, while keeping in mind each individual situation. Rehabilitation is discretionary and can take place in a physiotherapy institution or comprise recreational rehabilitation activities.

Rehabilitation in a physiotherapy institution

Who is suitable for rehabilitation in a physiotherapy institution?

Rehabilitation in a physiotherapy institution is suitable for people that are able to function without an assistant both at home and during their stay at the institution. This rehabilitation is not suitable for persons with a detected memory illness. We recommend rehabilitation in a physiotherapy institution particularly to applicants who would like a change, recreation, company, organized activities and a sense of community.

What will a stay in an institution include?

Rehabilitation in a physiotherapy institution includes a ten-day stay with full board in a twin room and treatment recommended by a doctor. Normally, the stay will begin with a medical examination. Based on this, the doctor will prepare an individual rehabilitation plan for each participant. The stay may include massage therapy, chiropody, physical exercise, physiotherapy, paraffin treatment, and various tests of physical or mental abilities. Contents vary from one institution to the next. In addition to the treatment recommended by the doctor, the stay will include recreational activities; physical exercise, music and occupational therapy (possibly also aquatic therapy).

A person that has been approved for rehabilitation by the Lotta Svärd Foundation must take with them to the institution a recent medical statement regarding their health.

A decision for approved rehabilitation

The rehabilitation committee of the Lotta Svärd Foundation will direct the person with an approved rehabilitation decision to the nearest suitable physiotherapy institution for the stay.

The Lotta Svärd Foundation will reimburse the travel costs to and from the rehabilitation institution according to the cheapest mode of travel, unless otherwise stated in the decision. For this purpose, the person must submit receipts of the travel costs to the Lotta Svärd Foundation. The use of a taxi and the travel costs of any escorts must be negotiated in advance with an employee at the Lotta Svärd Foundation.


Recreational rehabilitation activities

A person approved for recreational rehabilitation activities can select the appropriate rehabilitation and recreation services from the Lotta Svärd Foundation list of services. Recreational rehabilitation activities can include physiotherapy, massage, pedicure, manicure, and non-medical treatments. To celebrate the Lotta Svärd centenary, recreational rehabilitation activities can now include a wider selection of services, such as group exercise, visits to swimming pools and gyms, and services at home, such as a walking buddy, support with housework, memory exercises and help with finding services and activities close to home. In addition to musculoskeletal and memory rehabilitation, activities may include the services of a hairdresser and cosmetologist.

Rehabilitation and treatments

Rehabilitation includes physiotherapy, pedicure, manicure, massage and non-medical treatments. A Lotta must obtain and pay for a referral from a doctor for physiotherapy. No referrals are required for pedicure, manicure, massage and non-medical treatments.

Supported help at home

Supported help at home comprises home visits by an external service provider. Supported help at home is not the same as municipal home help. Rather, it means doing things together and support with everyday housework. Supported help at home may involve outdoor recreation, grocery shopping, cooking, visiting the library, and going to events outside the home together.

Physical activities

Physical activities include support for an independent hobby, such as help with the cost of group exercise, going to a swimming pool or gym, and other physical hobbies.

Beauty services

Beauty services can include going to a hairdresser or a cosmetologist.


A Lotta/Junior Lotta will receive a buying plan of services. They can use this with a relative/assistant to plan how to use the financial assistance.

A Lotta/Junior Lotta (with an assistant) will look for a local service provider and agree on the services and time directly with the service provider. It is possible to implement the services at the service provider’s premises, at home, or at the care home of which the person is a resident.


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